Why Do I Attend?

Why Do I Attend?

The difference in attendance numbers for Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Bible School and Wednesday nights has always been puzzling to me. Why are the numbers not more uniform, or consistent? I know there are a host of reasons; but let me share with you why I attend all these occasions regularly.

Communion with God – Each of these gives me an opportunity to praise, honor and respect God. They also provide me an opportunity to show my love and devotion to Him.

Communion with brothers and sisters in Christ – We are family. I care about my brothers and sisters in Christ. Our assemblies give me a chance to visit with several, catch up on what’s going on in their lives, and encourage and edify them in their walk with the Lord. It also enables me to be edified and encouraged by them.

Learning – Our assemblies provide me an opportunity to listen to God’s message to man and learn more about Him, His Son, His Spirit, His church and His will for my life. Learning alongside my brethren enables me to listen to individuals who have studied the Word, experienced life and who have different perspectives than mine.

Equipping – Studying the Scriptures not only gives me a better knowledge of God’s message, but it equips me for better service in His Kingdom.
Enjoyment – I enjoy being with fellow believers. Who better to spend time with than people that believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Bible and are living for and longing for the same eternal hope?

  • John Curtis

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