Tis’ the Season!

Tis’ the Season!

It is officially the Christmas season! There’s always a tension between those that want to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving and those who are right. (Sorry Bekah)… But thankfully Thanksgiving has passed and we can all agree that it is time to focus on Christmas. Christmas decorations are being put out as we speak and Carol of the Bells is perpetually stuck in our heads.

This time of year typically draws attention to the practices of giving and compassion towards the poor, as well as the birth of Jesus. Regardless of what your thoughts about Christmas are, this time of year puts Jesus and Christian benevolence in the spotlight. As the church, we should utilize this time to spread the love of Christ into our communities and celebrate the good news that a new King lives. We live in a world that is yearning and searching for the love and presence of God. The holiday season specifically is a time when the world is looking to the church to see how we live love to our disadvantaged neighbors.

Are we going to show the world that we are good stewards of our blessings and that we have hearts to serve our neighbors? Are we going to show the world that our happiness and security is found in the presence of God? Will the world see us as the light of the world; a city set on a hill? The holiday season is special because it highlights the same generosity and selflessness that Jesus, our King, has invited us to partake in.

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