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The Great Commission or The Great Omission?

There’s an old saying that says, “The only thing constant, is change.” In fact, it’s become quite the cliché, but it’s got an air of truth to it. The world we live in is constantly changing, and it’s changing at a rapid pace. Sometimes change is fast and dramatic, other times slow and unnoticeable. Either way, it’s happening whether we like it or not.
But change is not necessarily a bad thing. With every new change come a variety of new, and sometimes exciting, possibilities.
Let’s, for instance, take a look at the changes that are going on in our local area. When Southwest moved to its current location, it was mainly fields of grass in every direction, and a few quiet neighborhoods. However, since then, several major grocery stores have been built, a major online commerce is building a large facility nearby, large apartment complexes have been built, and 104th has become a busy main thoroughfare dotted with restaurants of every variety. Our quiet corner of southwest Oklahoma City has become a rather hectic community! Lots of changes have happened over the years and I’m sure many more are to come.
But fortunately for us, that’s a lot of great possibilities to spread the Gospel! The Great Commission tells us to “Go!” (Matt. 28:18-19) but in our case the people have come to us! “Look … and see that the fields are white for harvest” (John 4:35). Has there ever been a congregation that’s truly been blessed with opportunities like this? With this much potential, Southwest’s best days lie ahead of it.
Church, let us prayerfully consider the opportunities God has provided for us so that we don’t turn the Great Commission into the Great Omission!

David Clevenger II

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