Kiev, Ukraine

Dema Grischuk is originally from the Donetsk area in eastern Ukraine.  He was baptized in 1994 at the age of 14 during a mission trip to that area which included David Deffenbaugh.  He graduated from the Ukrainian Bible Institute in 2000 and preached for several congregations in the area of Donetsk.  He is now a teacher at the Ukrainian Bible Institute.  He is helping to train new preachers to start new congregations in the Ukraine.  He has a wife and two young daughters.  He is presently working toward a PhD in social work.  He is now living in Kiev because of the war in the Donetsk area.  He has led several missions to Donetsk to bring in supplies and has helped in a two day children’s camp for children in the war zone.  He also brings in orphans to the congregation in Kiev so they can be exposed to the church.