Kakinada, India

The work in Kakinada was begun by Brother J. C. Bailey over 50 years ago.  It is continued by one of his converts, Brother Joshua Gootam.  Joshua is supported by his wife Kubita.  Brother Gootam has a gospel television program that is broadcast locally on a daily basis and has a satellite program which covers the entire country.  Contacts from his television program are sent bible courses and/or bible literature.  The literature is in the local language and Kubita translates the literature into a different language that is spoken in a neighboring state.  Joshua has 3 sons who are working with him.  His oldest son Ricky is presently working with his father in India.  His second son is attending the Memphis School of Preaching and will be graduating soon.  His third son is a software engineer and helps with the production of the television program.