Campinas, Brazil

Allen Dutton has been working in the Campinas area for almost 30 years. Allen works in preaching and in preacher education. He has also been teaching a theology course at the church at Guanabara which is helping to increase interest in the church. He now has two classes that have a total enrollment of more than 150. He says that many baptisms have come from these studies. He is also teaching a leadership training program at Guanabara from which he hopes to develop elders for the congregation. There is also another congregation that he started at Campo Grande which has their own theology class and they also have men who are able to teach their own classes. They are conducting worship service and bible classes on their own and hope to also have elders soon. The congregation at Campinas is hoping to plant another local congregation soon and to plant a congregation in the area every 3 years. Allen has two children who are presently attending Oklahoma Christian University.