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Secret Sisters Program

Secret Sisters program will run from December to May. At the end of May 2020, we will reconvene to find out who our secret sisters are!

Secret Sister Parties
Secret Sister parties will be held the last Sunday of every month following evening services. We ask that two or more ladies sign up to host a party each month. The hostesses will decide on the theme of each month’s party. Each party will be potluck to save hostesses the stress of figuring out a menu.

Secret Sister Gifts
Secret Sisters will be asked to bring their ‘gifts’ to the parties each month. You may place the gifts on a designated table at any time on the Sunday of the party. Sisters can then collect their gifts at the end of each month’s party.

If you are unable to make each month’s party, please let Kasey Cabello know at or 405-990-9254 so we can arrange to have your Secret Sister’s gift at the church building before the party.

Secret Sisters Table
In addition to monthly parties, we will have a table designated for our Soul Sisters’ group positioned on the outer south wall of the auditorium by the fellowship hall. These tables will be available for Sisters to leave additional gifts and/or birthday cards each month.

What Types of Gifts Should you Bring?
Something thoughtful that shows your Secret Sister that you are thinking about her! Each Sister will receive an information sheet their Sister has completed. Choose gifts based on the information she provides. Cards and notes of encouragement left on the Secret Sisters’ table are also a great, inexpensive way to brighten someone’s day. Also, please remember to pray for your Secret Sister!

As always, guests are always welcome at our Secret Sister dinners.

Secret Sisters Information Sheet

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