Member Care Program

Administers to the comprehensive care of our members.

Christian Women's Workshop (April 4)

A Saturday filled with His word and Christian fellowship.

Gift Showers

It's been requested we bring back hosted baby and wedding showers on Sunday evenings, and we think that's a great idea!

LOAF Ministry

Love One Another Meals. A meal train for members whose current situation calls for some extra help.

Funeral Family Meals

A fellowship meal provided for the family of a deceased loved one whose funeral is held at Southwest.

Visitor Gift Bags

A bag filled with goodies to show our visitors how glad we are that they chose to worship with us.

College Care Packs

The college years can be tough. We want to ensure we are letting our youth group graduates know they are continually in our thoughts and prayers.

Police Officer Appreciation Meal

A morning spent honoring those who make our community a safe place to live and worship.

Summer Camp

A summer week filled with helping our youth grow stronger in their walk with God.

Tipton Fun Day

A day spent celebrating the children residing at the Tipton Children's Home in southwest Oklahoma.

Family Fun Night

A fall evening for families filled with treats, toys and trick or treating.

Sunshine Baskets

Goody baskets that bring sunshine to those who need it around the holidays.

Holiday Party (Dec. 15)

A holiday evening of fun and fellowship.

Secret Sisters

A care program between the sisters of Southwest church of Christ.