The Member Care Quarterly Visitation Team Sign-Up Dinner will be after evening services Sunday, April 29, 2018, in the Fellowship Hall.

Even if you are not able to be at the dinner Sunday evening, you can still be on a team. Just let me know and I will put you on a team. The visitation weeks for each team are listed below. Some have already asked for me to put them on a team.

Team Visitation Dates May-July 2018:

Team 1: April 30 – May 12 (2 weeks); June 3 – June 9; July 1 – July 7 – 1st Sunday in each month

Team 2: May 13 – May 19; June 10 – June 16; July 8 – July 14 – 2nd Sunday in each month

Team 3: May 21 – May 26; June 17 – June 23; July 15 – July 21 – 3rd Sunday in each month

Team 4: May 28 – June 2; June 24 – June 30; July 22 – August 4 (2 weeks) – 4th Sunday in each month


Please bring sandwiches and/or desserts and plan to be present on Sunday, April 29th after evening services. The dinner/meeting does not last very long and there is always good eating.

If you are normally involved in this program, please keep up the good work and stay involved and bring someone that hasn’t been before. A BIG THANK YOU to all who were on teams this past quarter. A HUGE THANK YOU to all that were new to the program this past quarter.

  • The Member Care Teams visit our members that are shut-ins, have poor health, have hospital stays, have long term needs or those needing special attention at the current time.
  • We had a great past quarter with the visitations and need to keep that momentum into the next quarter.
  • We also encourage our new members with a short visit welcoming them to our family.
  • There are 4 teams that meet once a month and then visit members either in person or a phone call during that week.
  • The time involved is only 1-2 hours every fourth week for three months.
  • If you only want to visit during one or two months, that’s great. Just sign up when you want to visit or let me know.
  • If you have not been involved in this very good work, come and check it out, even if you only make visits one time. The visits you make mean so much to those you visit. You will be very happy that you got involved in this endeavor.
  • A great way to meet other members that you may not be familiar with.
  • We REALLY need more people to become involved so the teams can be filled. We need about 60 people to be on the teams. We have several that are usually on teams who were not able to do visits this past quarter. So we need others to step up and help.
  • Let’s make this a large turnout for this very important work.
  • Member Care visitation can be the lifeblood of a congregation.
  • Every member needs to be involved in some way in this outreach.

    The visitation teams do not meet/visit during the month of August, so the next sign up will be for the months of September-November. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t still visit those who need our visits. Many continue during our “off” months with visits.

    Everyone Matters – Those who get visits matter; those who do the visits matter.

    David Laase