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Great Leader

There are a lot of people that come to mind when I think about great leaders in the Bible. There are some though that stand out more than others. One leader that I am always intrigued by is Joshua. He had been chosen by God to take over the leadership of God’s people from another great leader, Moses. There are several reasons why Joshua proved to be a great leader and some things that we can learn from his leadership.
He trusted God. Joshua had a lot of hard work ahead of him and some of the battles that he would fight would be nearly impossible to win without help from God. In Joshua’s life, God commanded him several times to trust him. He asks Joshua to be strong and courageous and not to fear (Joshua 1: 9). Joshua had to trust God, or he would have been killed by the enemy. One of the things that made him a great leader was that he indeed trusted God to the fullest.
He followed the word of God. A good attribute of a Godly leader is that he follows the greatest leadership book ever written, the Bible. Many times, in the book of Joshua after God had commissioned Joshua, “to do according to all the law” 1:7, we see that Joshua did exactly what the law commanded him to do. To be a Godly leader we have to follow the word that God has given us.
Joshua was never afraid of the impossible. Sometimes as leaders we back down from doing things because we feel within ourselves that it is impossible to do. Joshua no doubt at times as a leader of God’s people felt like he could not accomplish the task at hand. Then we look at Joshua and realize he had a strong prayer life, he trusted God not man and was obedient to God therefore he was able to accomplish the impossible. We too can do the impossible if we follow after the example that Joshua has set for us.
Today if we want to be leaders or want to live a life dedicated to God and fulfill the mission He has set for us, we must follow Joshua’s example. We can achieve the impossible and do great things if we will trust God and follow His word, we too can do great things.

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