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Glad You Asked

After making the request from the pulpit for members of the congregation to submit their three favorite Bible scriptures, the response has been great! For some of you (most of you?), it was difficult to pare down your list of favorites to just three. Some folks didn’t even try. One card had 16 listed. That’s okay (we only used the first three—sorry to whoever that was, but we had to give the same opportunity to everyone).


Eighty-one people turned in cards to give us 220 requests for passages (the math doesn’t work out because some cards had less than three scriptures). As you would anticipate, several people suggested the same scripture. There were 39 passages requested multiple times. Here’s a look at our most frequently mentioned scriptures:



Twenty-seven scriptures were mentioned twice, and 110 scriptures were mentioned one-time only. Obviously, we won’t get to every suggested passage (unless we extend this series out almost 3 years!). But, we’ll begin with these most requested ones in our  “Glad You Asked” sermon series this Sunday night.


As I sifted through all the cards and began sorting through the scriptures, several thoughts came to my mind. Among them are these:


God’s word truly does what He promises that it will do—specifically to be a guide and encouragement and strength and help to His people. Obviously, this is exactly how this church utilizes the Bible.


Southwest is a body of the Lord’s people…


• that readily recognizes their need for God’s guidance in His word

• who love the Bible

• that are quite familiar with Scripture (and not only select sections of it)

• who hunger to hear God’s word preached

• whose lives are blessed through God’s holy word

• who are serious about devoting themselves to living by God’s direction

Oh, and one more thing, Southwest is a body of believers among whom I am proud and honored to be numbered.

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