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Blessings and Being Blessed

It’s a bit of an oddity that one of Jesus’ best known statements isn’t even found in any of the Gospels. We know well His words, “It is more blessed to given than to receive.” The record of this instruction is in Acts 20:35. Paul quoted them when speaking with the elders from Ephesus. Still, Jesus’ teaching, whether found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John or from Luke’s pen in Acts, has proved as influential as they are memorable. How else can the giving spirit among Jesus’ followers two millennia later be explained?
The blessedness of giving is experienced to this day and has been quite evident in the Southwest family in recent weeks. Not that this is an unusual or surprising occurrence; not in the least. Once again this great church has stepped up repeatedly when the call has gone out for a need. Just think about all the food given for “Sack the Pulpit”, the blankets and quilts for the OKC Police Department’s homeless unit, the “Coats for Kids” program, not to mention all the goodies and gifts for the Sunshine Baskets. On top of that was an overwhelming response for needs of the Service Center in providing for its patrons during this holiday season. That doesn’t even include other giving projects taken on by various Bible classes, families, and individuals.
Southwest is a giving church.
That means Southwest is a blessed church. Not only is it a blessing to give, but the one who gives is blessed. Jesus also taught that the one who gives, receives (Lk. 6:38). It’s not that we give so that we might receive, but it is the assurance of God that He happily provides for the one who provides for others. What a great God!
Southwest is a blessed church.
– David Deffenbaugh

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