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Bible Class is Important

Did you know that from birth to age 17, most of us will have spent 15,000 hours in the public-school system. In the same period of time, most of us will have spent 18,000 hours watching television. If we attend every Sunday school every week and Wednesday night Bible study in that same period of time, we will only accumulate 1,768 hours. I think that this speaks great volumes as to the importance of having a good Bible school program.

We have a command to teach. The great commission is the first command to teach. In Romans 10:14, Paul instructs those at Rome to teach the lost. One cannot believe the gospel unless they hear it and one cannot hear the gospel unless someone teaches them. We are also commanded to teach and equip the saved. We can know what to do to be saved, but it is just as important to observe all the things that the Lord has commanded us to do. Bible classes are important because it provides an opportunity to teach the lost. It also provides an opportunity for the members of the body to continue to learn and grow in their spiritual walk with Christ.

We have to help our kids to grow. As parents, we want our kids to be good in everything. But what are we doing to make sure that our kids are the best Christians that they can be? This starts at home. It also is why we must have the best kids’ classes as possible, because we have very little time and very few years to help our kids to become spiritually mature adults. Jesus had a special place in His heart for children. In Matthew 19:14, Jesus ask His disciples “to allow the little children to come to him and don’t hinder them.” When we don’t encourage our kids to come to class and make it a priority in our life, we are hindering our kids from coming to Jesus.

Next Sunday, March 3rd, we will begin a new quarter of Bible classes. I hope and pray that everyone will take advantage of our Bible classes that we have available here at Southwest, and make it a priority to be here and to make sure our families are here as well.

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