Amazing Love!

Amazing Love!

One Sunday morning as we prepared to take the Lord’s Supper by singing the song “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross,” the phrase “love so amazing” demanded my attention and I began to explore in my mind the depths of His love and why it is so astounding. 

Jesus loves everyone the world over, for all time. How many people do you love? 10, 20, 30, 100 or maybe even 1,000? Multiply that by ten and you still do not love but a small, very small, fraction of the people the Lord loves. He loves all the people of OKC, OK, the United States, and the world. And, not only does He love all the people in every corner of the world, but He has loved every person that has ever lived, or ever will live. That is amazing love. 

Jesus loves the unloveable. Can you say that you love the man who kidnapped and killed a young girl, the person who opened fire on innocent people in a store parking lot, the one who guiltlessly abuses little children, the person that knowingly transmits AIDS to someone else, or the physician that performs abortions? The Lord loves them (not their sin) and was willing to give up the glory of heaven to make salvation possible for them. That is amazing love. 

Jesus loves regardless. How do you feel toward someone who hurts you? Maybe they have lied to you, let you down, or mistreated you? Could you say that you love them and would do anything for their benefit? Jesus would. In spite of the way men denied, rejected, ridiculed, abandoned, and forsook Him, Jesus loved them and willingly suffered and died on the cruel rugged cross for them.

That is amazing love. That amazing love is the type of love with which He loves you and me, even when we mistreat Him, or fail to show how much we love Him. Praise the Lord for His amazing love, and share His love with those around you.

-John Curtis

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