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Why Wait?

So few days remain in 2018. So few, in fact, that it’s difficult to think about what’s left of this year for looking at a whole new year only days away.
The time may be short for this year, but it isn’t over. Some great things can be achieved at “the last minute”. While not advocating procrastination, we should not write off what little may be left of the present year in anticipation for the new.
Don’t wait for the new year to read God’s word. I know many people like to start a Bible reading program on January 1, but don’t think, “I’ll wait till then and that’s when I’ll begin.” Why not now? Profitable time can be spent in God’s word every day no matter where it might fall on the calendar. Many books of the Bible can be read in just a few days. Pick one (or two or three) and complete it by year’s end. You will be blessed.
Don’t wait for the new year to repair a broken relationship. Jesus forever prioritized addressing broken relationships when He taught that one should leave worship, be reconciled to a brother first, then return to make their offering to God (Matt. 5:24). If you know something is amiss in your relationships, make the first move. Don’t wait. It could turn out to be one of the best things you’ve done all year.
Don’t wait for the new year to make things right with God. Yes, January 1 does mark a time of new beginning, but “today is the day of salvation” (2 Cor. 6:2). As Ananias asked Paul, “Why do you wait?” (Acts 22:16). Paul’s response was immediate and so too should be ours. As we sometimes sing, “there’s danger and death in delay.” Now is the time!
January 1, 2019 will be here soon enough. So much good, such great benefit, and many blessings could be ours before that date arrives if we just don’t wait.

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